[Video] Travel to the US with a Criminal Record

In this short video, we go trough the why, how and when you need to apply for US Entry Waiver, the different waiver documents and answers to some of the most common questions we receive about entry waivers for Canadian citizens. As a reminder, it is illegal to travel to US with a criminal record.

[VIDEO] Removing a DUI, DWI, Impaired, Over 80 in Canada

Among the most common convictions in Canada is Drinking and Driving, also known as DUI, DWI, more than 80 mgs of alcohol and a few other terms. There are over 80,000 convictions across the country for this type of offense. When you are caught drinking and driving the consequences can be severe. In this video we’ll discuss all terms that represent drinking and driving convictions in Canada, what are some of the consequences (financial, emotional and other) and how you can get those cleaned from your file.

[Video]Remove Criminal Record for Non-Convictions (Including Withdrawn, Peace Bond, Absolute and Conditional Discharge)

In todays video, we’ll discuss destruction of criminal history for Canadian citizens who have non-conviction records. How long you have to wait, based on your situation and why it is important to clear any non-conviction criminal history from your public records. Police services in Canada collect and retain a wide range of information about the people they come in contact with, including records of contact, allegations, withdrawn charges, acquittals, fingerprints, etc.. Even if you were charged, went to court and the charges were later dismissed, all this information may still show up on your background check or US border control check. Watch this short video to understand the difference in non-conviction records and how you can clear those from your record.

Pardons Canada – Remove Criminal Record in Edmonton Alberta

pardons.org Most employers in Canada are now doing criminal background checks before hiring any employee.  This is true for most jobs including factory, warehouse, trucking, social work and even retail.  If you have a criminal record, no matter how old the conviction, it is very hard to get work due to the criminal background checks.…

Pardons Canada – Pot Charges Not Going Away Under New Liberal Government

pardons.org The federal government should step up its efforts to rationalize the laws surrounding the use and distribution of marijuana, but a blanket pardon for those convicted of possessing the drug shouldn’t be the first order of business. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been convicted of possession of marijuana, leaving them with criminal records…

Pardons Canada – Pardons Canada in the News

pardons.org Pardons Canada has been helping people obtain pardons, record suspensions and US Entry Waivers for the past 25 years and are seen as the experts in the field of criminal record removals and US Entry Waivers. Oftentimes, Pardons Canada is asked by the media to comment on any news relating to pardons, record suspensions…