Are you the government or are you a private company?
We are not a private company. Pardons Canada is a National Non-Profit organization helping Canadians for 25 years. As the leading experts in the obstacles created by criminal records and the removal of criminal records, we are a resource and telephone support-line for many organizations, and all levels of government, including the police and the courts. They send people to us because they cannot help them. We also assist individuals in preparing their Pardon/Record Suspension application for the Parole Board of Canada and help with U.S. Entry Waivers. We are fully automated and able to communicate electronically (in minutes) with all police and courts across Canada.

Is it true that Pardons Canada teaches the government about criminal records?
Yes. We teach the government and helping organizations through our free education program. This program is organized and facilitated through our Community Outreach Co-Ordinator, who has been in the industry for over 15 years.

There are many myths and a lot of misinformation that has been circulated to the public. We educate and act as a resource for many government offices, such as Corrections Canada, Legal Clinics, Probation offices, etc. That’s why they refer individuals to us.

How do most people find out about Pardons Canada?
Most of the people who email, call us or visit our walk-in centre are referrals from one of the over 5,400 organizations and government offices, which rely upon our expertise. Legal Aid, Courts, RCMP, Government Employment Centres, Welfare Offices, Addiction Centres, and Police Stations are all examples of such agencies.

Is it true that the counsellors at Pardons Canada are fully trained before speaking with the public or handling files?
Yes. Counsellors at Pardons Canada are experts. The training process is extensive and ensures that the service we provide our clients is exceptional.

Why should I hire Pardons Canada to help me?
The Canadian Criminal Justice system is extensive. Even people who work in this field are often subject to serious misconceptions about criminal record retention policies, procedures and laws. Pardons Canada is in constant communication with over 1,450 police stations and courts; each with different policies towards record retention and destruction. We are updated on a regular basis of policy and regulation changes and remain current with all applicable municipal, provincial, and federal laws. Statistics provided by the federal government show that 30-40% of applications prepared by individuals are denied because something is incomplete or incorrect. In many cases, when individuals prepare pardons on their own it ends up costing them more time and money than necessary.

Moreover, it is necessary to properly analyze your criminal record, as you may not even require a Pardon/Record Suspension. Destroying fingerprints and photographs can become complicated depending on the offence and the number of police services involved.

Couldn’t I do it myself for less money?
Yes, if you do the proper paperwork. You don’t need a lawyer to do it but you do need expertise. There is a lot of paperwork involved from both levels of government (provincial and federal). If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them. Call us as much as you want or visit the walk-in centre.

But it may end up costing more. It is not uncommon for people to do the wrong paperwork and end up spending more money or even worse, never getting it done properly.

We analyze your file taking your employment situation, immigration status, work expectations and travel plans into account. We never do unnecessary paperwork, or paperwork that would put you in a worse situation.