Halifax Pardons, Record Suspensions & File Destructions
Record Suspensions, U.S. Entry Waivers & File Destructions Services in Halifax

Halifax is one of the great hidden gems of Canada. It’s a city that may not get mentioned as frequently as the bigger urban centres like Toronto, or Vancouver, but this Atlantic haven has a lot going for it, including sizable amounts of Canadian history, culture, and a vibrant, growing economy.

But if you’re one of many Canadians that have decided to make the most of what Halifax offers as the city grows, you need to take advantage of employment opportunities. And while there may be plenty that seem initially open to you, there’s one major barrier that can put a dent in your success. It’s not about your experience or your ability; it’s the presence of a criminal conviction or even a criminal charge that was dismissed, withdrawn, peace bond, absolute discharge and conditional discharged. But Pardons Canada, a non-profit organization can help you.

Pardons Canada is the leading authority on helping Canadians remove a past criminal offence from the public record. As a national non-profit organization, we have helped thousands of people get Pardons, Record Suspensions, U.S. Entry Waivers and File Destructions.

Record Suspensions

A criminal record can have a major negative impact on many professional and personal prospects, but a record suspension or pardon can fix this. Under normal circumstances, if you are convicted of a crime, that crime will go into the Canadian Police Information Centre database. Record suspensions, formerly known by the term “pardon,” can seal this conviction.

Every Canadian citizen has the legal right to conduct a background check on another individual if they are willing to pay the fee. This background check does not violate a person’s privacy, all it can publicly disclose is whether there is a criminal conviction in that person’s record, and what the nature of the conviction is. A record suspension can clear you from even a background check with America’s Custom & Border Patrol if you’ve never had a background check with them before.

U.S. Entry Waivers

Traveling to the United States is usually just a matter of having a passport present for most Canadians. However, the CBP, otherwise known as the Customs & Border Patrol have the legal privilege of conducting background checks on anyone they like. If they find a criminal conviction present, they can deny that person from boarding a plane, or driving across the border.

If you have no criminal conviction or have had a record suspension before such a background check, you can easily pass through. However, even a criminal conviction found before a record suspension can get you banned from the United States, and only a U.S. entry waiver can get you the legal passage you want back into the country. US Waivers require a lot of documentation and they are also called I-192 or I-194.

File Destructions

It’s not just a criminal conviction itself that is present in a background check that others conduct. So even if you went to trial and were found not guilty, or the charges were withdrawn, or the case dismissed, your record is not entirely “clean.” A background check can still pull up the presence of the arrest, fingerprinting, and the charges filed against you, even if a conviction wasn’t handed down. A file destruction, however, can clean up these last remaining fragments of a police encounter, so that your record will once again be clear. You only need to wait an appropriate amount of time after the case has been settled to get this action underway.

Any procedure to fix or clear your record, whether it is a record suspension, U.S. entry waiver, or file destruction is an involved process. It will take time, will require you fill out and provide certain types of documentation, and must be processed and approved by appropriate authorities. If you want the best possible chance of your application going through quickly and successfully, so you can live in Halifax with peace of mind, we can help.