Record Suspension Services in Halifax

Life can be bustling in Canada’s biggest Atlantic coast city, but that shouldn’t be a huge surprise. As Nova Scotia’s capital, Halifax is a nexus of history, multiculturalism, and economic growth. It’s got some of the best professional and personal opportunities in the Canadian Atlantic, but only if you’ve got the clear record that allows you to take advantage of them without any issues. If there is something on your criminal record, a record suspension or pardon can help.

The Problem With Criminal Convictions

If you, as a Canadian citizen, have been arrested and charged with a criminal offence, then after a trial and a conviction, you’ll pay your debt to society. This usually means fines, probation or jail sentences, and then eventually you will be released back to the general public.

However, one additional thing that will happen is the entry of a criminal conviction on your permanent record. This will be stored in the Canadian Police Information Centre database, which all law enforcement officers—whether local or international—will have access to. The information is available to the public if they have your name and are willing to pay a fee for the inquiry. It will only show the conviction itself, no other private information.

The Job Hurdle

The area a criminal conviction can have most visible and negative impact on a person’s life is professionally. Anyone that is hiring another Canadian has the legal right to conduct a background check on that applicant. In some careers, such as teaching, for example, a background check is actually legally required for the safety of the children involved. The same for nursing, personal support workers and other careers working with children or seniors.

Even when criminal background checks aren’t required, some employers still make these checks in order to protect their own interests and assets. It’s important to note that it is not illegal for an employer to reject an applicant based on the presence of a criminal conviction, especially when there are applicants similarly qualified without one. The same is true for a criminal charge that did not end up in a conviction. This includes charges that were withdrawn, dismissed, stayed, peace bond, absolute discharge and conditional discharge.

Avoid Discrimination, Job Loss, and US Entry Refusal… Let us get you a Clean Record.

Complications With Travel

For anyone that needs to travel to the USA, things are more difficult with a criminal record. The Customs & Border Patrol, or CBP does not run background checks on every Canadian traveler coming through, but they are legally allowed to check anyone they feel warrants it and they also do random criminal checks.

The presence of a criminal conviction on your record can get you barred from entry into the United States. If you press your luck and continue trying to get in, hoping the next time they won’t check again, your punishment becomes stiffer and more severe including lifetime bans.

Personal Limitations

It’s not just the career and travel aspects of a person’s life that can be affected by a criminal record. Other, unexpected areas, like immigration status, can also be compromised. Renters can have background checks conducted by landlords to determine safe, suitable tenancy and volunteers require criminal checks for volunteer positions at schools and other helping organzations.

If adoption is something that a person may be considering at some point in the future, it becomes an even bigger issue. Background checks are also run on prospective parents, understandably to ensure the safety of a child as well as proper social influences.

It Can Be Fixed

For anyone that’s paid their debt to society and has earned a second chance, Pardons Canada is here to help. Contact us with your details, and we can assist you with making sure your application for a record suspension puts you back on track.