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Pardons Canada is a non-profit organization that has become the leading authority on Record Suspensions, File Destructions and U.S. Entry Waivers in Calgary. As a matter of fact, we have helped over 200,000 individuals since 1989.

The aftermath of a criminal conviction in Calgary can follow you for years after the sentence has been served. Because of it, you may have trouble getting a job or advancing in your current position, travelling to other countries including the U.S. or renting a home or an apartment. This type of discrimination against someone with a criminal record is entirely legal. However, the same kind of discrimination directed at someone without a criminal record or whose record has been pardoned or suspended represents a human rights violation.

Record Suspensions in Calgary

A record suspension or pardon in Calgary removes a person’s criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. The determination of whether or not a suspension will be granted is made by the Parole Board of Canada and can take 12 to 24 months. A request can only be filed after a required waiting period during which the individual has demonstrated they are a law-abiding citizen.

U.S. Entry Waivers in Calgary (I-192)

Travel to the U.S. with a criminal record can be difficult. From time to time, U.S. customs officers will perform a criminal check for individuals entering the United States. Should they uncover your criminal record as you’re trying to cross the border, you will be detained and most likely turned away. Repeated attempts to enter the U.S. could lead to more serious repercussions since it would be assumed that you were aware that such an effort was contrary to U.S. federal law.

The INS will consider applications for U.S. entry waivers for individuals with a criminal record. This can be particularly useful for those in Calgary who wish to travel to the U.S. before a record suspension can be granted. It is important to note that the preparation of the application and its accompanying documents may take several months and that the review process by the INS takes time as well, so it is best to begin the process as far in advance of your travel plans as possible.

File Destructions in Calgary

When an individual is charged with a crime, they are fingerprinted, and a record of the charges is created. If that person is subsequently acquitted of the charge or if the charge is dismissed or withdrawn, a record of the charge along with the police report may still exist and could show up on a criminal check. Despite never having been convicted of the offence, this could still cause problems in the future.

Thankfully, it is possible to submit a request to the RCMP and the local Calgary police to have the files destroyed. This will ensure that the individual’s criminal record remains clean and that the charge will not appear should anyone perform a search.

Not Sure What You Need?

Understanding your criminal record and choosing the right course of action to move past it can be overwhelming. Pardons Canada specializes in providing expert guidance and tailored solutions to help you overcome these obstacles. Our dedicated team in Calgary is equipped to assess your unique situation and offer personalized support to navigate the process seamlessly. 

Why Choose Pardons Canada in Calgary

Dealing with the challenges of a criminal record can be a significant hurdle in many aspects of life. Choosing Pardons Canada for your record suspension in Calgary can be the pivotal decision in retaking control of your life. Here’s why Pardons Canada stands out as your ideal partner in Calgary:

Decades of Experience in Calgary

Pardons Canada, with over 30 years of experience, is a trusted leader in helping Calgary residents move past their criminal records.

Personalized Services in Calgary

Recognizing that each case is unique, we offer tailored services in Calgary for record suspensions and more.

End-to-End Support in Calgary

From initial consultation to your desired result, our team provides comprehensive support, guiding you through every step of the process.

Focus on Success for Calgary Clients

We are committed to your success, aiming to achieve the best outcomes for all of our clients.

Transparent Process and Clear Communication

Our approach in Calgary is rooted in transparency and clear communication, ensuring you’re well-informed throughout your time working with us.

Free Consultation for Calgary Community

Start your path to a fresh start in Calgary with our free, no-obligation consultation, where we assess your situation and explore your options.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Here are just a few of the countless stories of our happy clients from our 30+ years in business.

  • It is with humility and profound gratitude that I accept this pardon. I feel like a new person because I am able to visit my family in the United States and not have to worry. For so many years this has been a burden on my shoulders. That has now been lifted, thanks to your generosity and help.

    DUI conviction in BC
  • First off…THANK YOU! Oh gosh, I don’t think there are enough words or ways to show how happy and grateful I am for helping me with my record suspension. There are so many doors open for me now. The day I received “the brown envelope”, I cried for joy, in the lobby of my building.

    Petty Theft in ON
  • To whom it may concern, This letter is to say thank you for your big help. Getting this pardon is a big lift off my shoulders. It’s a dream come true. Now, my wife and I can travel to the USA without being worried getting denied.

    Uttering Forged Documents
  • I will tell others if I get the opportunity about your excellent work. While it has been a long process, it was worth it. Thank you for the hard work and expertise behind this careful process.

    Fraud Over $5000

FAQs About Pardons in Calgary

If you’re looking for more information about pardons in Calgary, the section below and our FAQ page are at your disposal.

How much does a pardon cost in Calgary?

The cost of obtaining a pardon in Calgary can vary depending on individual case complexities and the types of offences involved as well as fees for court documents, fingerprinting, etc. For a detailed breakdown of the cost of a pardon or record suspension in Calgary, contact Pardons Canada for a consultation.

How long does a record suspension take in Calgary?

The process can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months, depending on various factors such as the complexity of your case and the response times of the relevant authorities. The team at Pardons Canada can help establish a realistic timeline.

Does a Canadian pardon mean that I won’t have problems at the U.S. border?

A pardon or record suspension is not recognized by U.S. authorities. If your record is already known to them, you may still need a U.S. entry waiver to enter the country. Pardons Canada can advise you on the right course of action based on your situation.

Contact Pardons Canada in Calgary

Ready to take the next step toward a future free from the constraints of your past? Apply now and regain control of your life. For more information and to understand the best course of action for your specific situation, contact Pardons Canada in Calgary today.

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