File Destruction Services in Calgary

People are often surprised when they find out that the record from a criminal charge for which they were acquitted or that was withdrawn or dismissed has appeared on a criminal record search with some very negative repercussions.

When a person is fingerprinted at the time they are charged with a criminal offence, a record is created that includes their fingerprint and details about the charge. Most people assume that such a record automatically gets deleted or destroyed if the charge does not result in a conviction. In fact, that is not the case. The charge, along with police and court records, remains on file unless the individual takes specific action.

Applying For a File Destruction

A request to have your file destroyed can be submitted five months after acquittal or after the charges have been dropped. The request is sent to the RCMP and the local police service where the charges were originally made.

Individuals who were convicted of the offence or of any other criminal offence in Calgary are not eligible to receive a File Destruction and will need to seek a Record Suspension.

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The Risks of Not Having Your File Destroyed

Criminal record searches are frequently done by potential employers and landlords. If they come across the record of your criminal charge, you may be overlooked for an employment opportunity or apartment rental even though you were never convicted. Furthermore, you may never be aware of the reason you were overlooked.

Unfortunate and frustrating occurrences like these can be avoided by getting a Calgary File Destruction. Once approved, the records of the criminal charge, your fingerprints and photographs will be purged and destroyed so that they will not appear should anyone run a criminal background check on you in the future. Proof of the File Destruction will also be provided.

How Pardons Canada Can Help

Since 1989, Pardons Canada has helped thousands of Calgary residents with matters relating to their criminal records. We are a non-profit organization that has become Canada’s leading authority on Pardons and File Destructions.

When you call our toll-free number, you will be connected with an expert and knowledgeable counsellor who will answer any questions you may have. Your call is completely confidential and you can even remain anonymous if you wish.

To contact Pardons Canada, call 1-877-929-6011 between 6:30 AM and 3:00 PM (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time) Monday through Friday.

Pardons Canada undertakes all necessary steps and procedures for removing your criminal record, including: Pardons/Record Suspensions, Purges, Photograph & Fingerprint Destruction, and U.S. Entry Waivers. Get Canada Record Suspension Today