Any Torontonian with a criminal record knows how it can negatively impact your life. Travelling to the U.S. and other destinations can be difficult; you can lose out on valuable job opportunities, and it can make it hard to find a place to live as most landlords will conduct criminal background checks. 

Even people who have been charged with a criminal offence in Toronto but not convicted can face some of these difficulties if the record of their arrest remains on their file.

Pardons Canada is the leading authority in helping Canadians remove a past criminal offence from the public record. As a national non-profit organization, we have helped thousands of people like you get Pardons, Record Suspensions, U.S. Entry Waivers and File Destructions.

Record Suspension

Formerly known as Pardons, Record Suspensions are the removal of a criminal offence from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database, which is used for criminal record searches.

You can apply for a record suspension in Toronto following a waiting period of between five and ten years following your sentence and subsequent punishment, depending upon the type of conviction. The determination of whether a Record Suspension will be granted is made by the Parole Board of Canada and can take between 6 and 12 months to process.

U.S. Entry Waivers - I-192, I-194 and I-212

Entry into the United States for anyone with a criminal record can be denied if U.S. Customs do a search and uncover your record. Subsequent attempts to enter the United States from Toronto without a U.S. Entry Waiver could lead to you having your property seized, being detained for several hours, getting fingerprinted and handcuffed, and getting your airline ticket voided without the possibility of reimbursement.  You can also be banned from entering the US for a period of five to ten years which will then require an I-212 application to lift the ban.

While getting a Record Suspension is preferable since it also eliminates many other difficulties associated with having a criminal record, if you need to travel to the U.S. before one can be granted, a U.S. Entry Waiver will be necessary. 

A request for a U.S. Entry Waiver gets reviewed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and can take between 5 and 12 months to be processed. The preparation of your application package will also take time, therefore, it is best to start the process well in advance of your travel date.

File Destructions

Canadians who have been charged and fingerprinted for a criminal offence that was withdrawn, dismissed, peace bond, stayed, absolute discharge, conditional discharge or for which they were acquitted, are often surprised to find that the record of the charge has shown up in a criminal search. File destruction is a critical step in ensuring that these records do not continue to affect their lives unexpectedly.

If you were fingerprinted when you were charged, your fingerprint number, as well as police and court records, photos and details of the charge may remain on record. The effect of this can range from difficulty in travelling to missing out on possible employment opportunities, among others.

To prevent this from happening to you, you will need to request a file destruction. A formal request can be sent to the RCMP and the police agency that laid the charges for review five months after the charges have been withdrawn, dismissed or acquitted. Once approved, your fingerprints, photographs and the details of the charge are destroyed and cannot be accessed again.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

There is no better way to understand the impact of our work than through the voices of those we’ve helped. Read some of our clients’ stories below. Use thank you letters link from our website.

  • Dear Pardons Canada,

    I am writing this letter to your company, the staff and the entire organization to express my deepest gratitude for your assistance in obtaining a pardon. I am so thankful and so grateful that I am free of the past burdens and stigmas, and now I have been given a new chance to excel and be the best version I can be in our society. I am so confident now that I can build a better life for me and my family, and further advance myself to be the best person I can be for myself and for everyone and everything. Thank you so very much. This means so much to me. I have been wanting and needing this for so long. How amazing it was on Christmas day, I opened the letter for the first time to read the good news; truly the best gift.

    I give so much thanks to the Parole Board for making this wish come true. So much thanks to Pardons Canada; special thanks for the assistance from Andrew, for being there from beginning to end; special thanks to Michelle for helping me gain the confidence to write a letter by assuring me everything will be alright; and special thanks to Jessica for the assistance and ensuring the completion of the final steps be done accordingly. I thank the entire team so very much for helping me see a brighter future and helping me gain the utmost confidence that I will succeed. All the best to you all.


    Thank you all so very very very much!!!

    Yours truly,

    Z. D.

  • First off, I would like to thank the PBC for granting me a Record Suspensions for driving with more than 80 mgs of alcohol. I appreciate the confidence the board has shown me by granting me the suspension. Having a criminal record weighed heavy on my personal life, as you live with the thought you let your loved ones down every day by your poor choices. Living with shame and guilt every day is very trying on the heart and soul.

    Being granted my suspension will allow me to feel like a part of society again. The removal allows me to look forward to getting a passport and start enjoying life like it is supposed to be in my retirement years. Travelling with family and friends without missing out on life.

    Sincerely with thanks,


  • Thank you for helping me to get my pardon for a very foolish mistake from years ago. It is a relief to have it taken care of and that I no longer have to worry about it. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to “try it out” but I am very sure that it will make life a lot easier knowing that it is not hanging over my head.

    The process was so easy and fast, it only took a little over a year, with hardly any work on my part after the initial application forms to fill out, fingerprints to be taken etc. It was worth every penny I spent including the couple of extras of getting copies of the police report and getting the fingerprinting done. I appreciate how easy and discreet it was done with not judgement or accusations for the past mistakes. Thank you again.

  • I am writing this letter to say big thanks to PARDONS CANADA to relieve me from the burden that I was carrying since 8 years. My life was not moving at the speed, as I wanted it to be.

    I appreciate the step-by-step instructions provided by PARDONS CANADA. They were really helpful in removing my record. I was so happy when I got it in the mail, as I was not expecting to get it soon. I can move on with my life and pursue new goals and dreams with dignity and respect.

    Possession of Narcotics for the purpose of Trafficking
  • This letter is to inform you how wonderful it now feels to be unburdened after having pardoned granted. I am so relieved and happy to be free of a criminal record. I am now able to visit family in the U.S that I have not seen for years. I can now pursue any employment goals. I am so happy and more confident now to pursue any dreams that I have. I think more positively now and am enjoying this new freedom.

    I will continue to be a productive member of society and in my community. I will continue to help people in my community and inform people who need a pardon to connect with Pardons Canada. I am forever grateful for getting another chance and am more educated now about the law. I want to thank all the Pardons Canada staff for all their help and support during the pardon process.

    Obstruction of Justice
  • I am writing to thank you for helping me get my pardon. When the parole board attempted to refuse my request your wonderful staff member, Jessica immediately contacted me to organize a response. The pardon was granted within weeks because of her advice.

    I would certainly recommend Pardons Canada to anyone who needs this type of service. You have been instrumental in me taking this important and final step in rebuilding my life.

    I thank you for your services and for helping me reach this life-changing objective.

    Theft over $5000
  • It is with great pride and liberation that I write you this short note to thank you for your consideration and resulting pardon of my suspension. It could not have come at a better time as I had just returned from the hospital and it lifted a great weight off my personal life. It has made my immediate family very happy as well.

    I look forward to traveling with my family and my “newly granted freedom” which I lost as result of my own bad judgments in the past. Although at my age it will be limited to how much I shall travel, it will allow me to be at peace in my remaining years as a citizen of this great country of Canada.

    Again, I would like to take this opportunity to give you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for this most precious of grants.

    Driving While Impaired
  • Just a quick testimonial to share how liberated I feel to have been granted a criminal records pardon. I can now apply for jobs that I was previously disqualified from due to my criminal history, despite the fact I was more qualified for on both academic levels and experience. I can apply for my passport and take vacations in destinations that I would have previously been denied entry. After a decade of living my life as a law abiding citizen I feel I can now hold my head high having had The Parole Board of Canada recognize that achievement and granting me a pardon.

    Having had a lengthy criminal history spanning nearly a quarter of a century applying for a pardon without the assistance of Pardons Canada would have been too overwhelming and daunting of a task. In fact, Pardons Canada was an intricate part of first guiding me through the steps of preparing my file for presentation to The Parole Board and then later being my liaison with the Parole Board when they were requesting additional information before rendering their decisions. I definitely feel Pardons Canada was an intricate part of my positive outcome and would like to thank all involved with my file. Thank you all very much!

    Assault causing bodily harm
  • I am so thankful to you all, who put out their effort to help me with my pardons, I am so grateful. I really don’t know why I put myself in that problem that I never did before and I am so sorry about that and I would never make that mistake again. Now I am very glad everything is over and I can go on with my life and everything is O.K. the only thing I want to go the state to look for my grand kids and I am so afraid to travel because I don’t want them to turn me back. I want to come back to Canada to look for my family but I am so scared, I don’t know what to do. So, thanks to everyone and may god bless you all. I don’t have a computer to type this letter so, please forgive me; this is the only picture I have at the moment.

    Assault with a Weapon
  • Dear Sir,

    I would like to thank you for the excellent service. For almost 2 years I am finally doing well now in my life because you have helped me removed my criminal record. Again, thank you so much for your help. I highly appreciate the assistance you provided.

    Uttering Threats
  • I would like to thank Pardons Canada for the great work you did on my case. My actions not only affected myself but also my family and friends in the United States who are very grateful for this second chance. Young people sometimes make mistakes and the important thing is to learn from them. This experience has made me realize that must think before we act.

    I feel that Pardons Canada has given me back my life and I will truly make the most of this great opportunity. Having access to a service like Pardons Canada has changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

    Break and Enter
  • This process has provided me with a clear start and now allows me to never worry about any past mistakes. The opportunities for me are endless and this now secures those opportunities.

    My experience with your organization has been very rewarding as I was always concerned about how I can get my photographs and fingerprints destroyed. Your staff has been great in communicating concerns and at times where there was a delay, they took the initiative and followed-up with the rightful police department.

    Once again, thank you for assisting me with this process and kindly destroy my file.

    Obstruction of Justice
  • I wish to thank you so much for the expeditious manner, which this matter was handled and the friendly and helpful way the staff at Pardons Canada helped me.

    The fact that I will now be able to cross the border unimpeded to visit my fiancé is a great relief to her and me. I personally realize that this is something that I should have done quite some time ago, but was not quite sure where to start and was directed to Pardons Canada by my fiancé. The fact that my record has been expunged is a great relief to me and I truly feel unburdened because my record in Canada has been destroyed.

    Again, I wish to thank you and the staff at Pardons Canada for assisting me

    Possession of Narcotics
  • First and foremost, I would like to thank your team and staff for being there for me through this trying period in my life. When I was charged back in 2009, I had no idea that a claim against me would take up this much of my life and my thoughts. When my charges were resolved with a conditional discharge and a withdrawal back in 2011, I thought I was free at last. Contrary to my belief, I discovered that a withdrawn charge could still show up on some sorts of background checks and cause potential irritation when crossing the boarder. With your team at Pardons, I began to process of removing this situation from my life and mind, all whilst juggling a university program and working during summers and though out school.

    By having this weight lifted off my shoulder and my fingerprints, photographs and records of disposition destroyed, I feel as though I have been born again. This may sound cliché, but there is truly no other way to describe the euphoria. In time because of your successful services and goodwill, my self-confidence and self-worth have finally restored them and bring me to a place of serenity and happiness that I have not experienced for seven years. We all go through trials and tribulations in our lives and sometimes the weight of these can brunt throughout the most arduous and challenging period in my life. I cannot thank you enough.

    Fraud under $5000
  • I would like to thank Pardons Canada for removing from my record and file the criminal charges and “incident report” for the events of 2010. It has been difficult to try and look for work with this on my file. I have suffered some discomfort, embarrassment and awkwardness in getting a security clearance for employment purposes and it has been difficult to explain the reason for this incident being on my record. In fact, I have even avoided applying for jobs that would involve a security clearance because of this difficulty. I am greatly relieved that I can apply for those kinds of positions now.

    Thank you so much for attending to this matter and for bringing pardon to my case. I am eager to get on with life in a constructive and positive manner and it makes it much easier to apply for employment with this incident report removed from my record. Even though the charges were “stayed” for mental health reasons, it is not well understood that mental health illness do not necessarily mean that people are not to be trusted or that character is questionable. I feel that I am an honest person had run into some emotional turbulence and that this report on my record does not explain this to anyone who needs to enquire of it. Thank you so much for your help.

    Driving While Impaired
  • I will tell others if I get the opportunity about your excellent work. While it has been a long process, it was worth it. Thank you for the hard work and expertise behind this careful process.

    Fraud Over $5000
  • I would like to say thank you to Pardons Canada for all of the help you have given me in relation to the removal of my criminal record. It is such a tremendous relief knowing that I can travel unburdened by my past mistakes. At that time in my life, I was in a very dark place and am so thankful it is all behind me now. I have a new lease on life and intend to take full advantage of it. Recently I had the good fortune to work with a company here in Canada from the United States. Now that my record has been removed, I will be able to take full advantage of any employment opportunities that may arise in the future.

    Thank you so much for my new found freedom!!

    Break and Enter
  • To whom it may concern, This letter is to say thank you for your big help. Getting this pardon is a big lift off my shoulders. It’s a dream come true. Now, my wife and I can travel to the USA without being worried getting denied.

    Uttering Forged Documents
  • Thank you Pardons Canada. Your Service has provided me with the help I needed. It will also help others like me have peace of mind and make a difference in their lives. Now that I am free from my burden and shame, I can do the things I always wanted to do and have a happy and successful future. I am so sorry for my mistake.

    Driving While Impaired
  • First off…THANK YOU! Oh gosh, I don’t think there are enough words or ways to show how happy and grateful I am for helping me with my record suspension. There are so many doors open for me now. The day I received “the brown envelope”, I cried for joy, in the lobby of my building.

    Petty Theft in ON
  • It is with humility and profound gratitude that I accept this pardon. I feel like a new person because I am able to visit my family in the United States and not have to worry. For so many years this has been a burden on my shoulders. That has now been lifted, thanks to your generosity and help.

    DUI conviction in BC

FAQ About Pardons in Toronto

Pardons Canada has been answering questions about removing criminal records and US entry waivers of clients in Toronto for over 30 years; if you have any unanswered questions, feel free to refer to our comprehensive FAQ section.

What is the difference between a pardon and a record suspension?

A pardon and a record suspension are essentially the same; the term “pardon” was replaced by “record suspension” in 2012. Both refer to sealing a criminal record in Canada’s database, helping with employment and travel, but not erasing the conviction.

Who is responsible for granting pardons in Canada?

The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) is the federal agency responsible for making record suspension decisions. Pardons Canada can help ensure your application meets all of its criteria before submitting it to the PBC for approval.

How long does it take to get a pardon?

Many factors can affect the timeline for the processing of a record suspension. Generally, you can expect the pardon process to take between 12 and 24 months depending on factors such as the complexity of your case and the response time of the police, courts and PBC.

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