File Destruction Services in Toronto

Did you know that if you have been charged with a crime in Toronto, that was later withdrawn, discharged or for which you were acquitted, the record of that charge could come back to haunt you later? Most people assume that if a charge did not result in a conviction, it would not be found if someone does a criminal check.

The truth is if the police fingerprinted you when you were charged with a criminal offence, a record of that charge could show up if a potential employer performs a criminal check. It could also make travel to the U.S. difficult.

How Is A File Destruction Different From A Record Suspension?

If someone is convicted of offence, has completed the sentence and shown that he or she can be a law-abiding citizen, a Record Suspension (formerly known as a pardon) will remove the offence from showing up when someone does a criminal record check. Their record, which includes fingerprints, photographs, police reports and court records, are sealed and would only be accessed should the individual later be charged with another offence.

For a person who was accused of a criminal offence and fingerprinted, but was not convicted, the record of the charge including fingerprints could still appear in a criminal check without a proper Toronto File Destruction.

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How Do I Know If My Charge Is On The Record?

If you were charged with a crime and found not guilty or you were never convicted, you do not have a criminal record. However, if you were fingerprinted for the offence, a fingerprint number was assigned to your name and date of birth and will remain on record unless and until steps are taken to have the file destroyed. Even if you were not fingerprinted at the time that you were charged under the criminal code, a Toronto File Destruction might be required.

Who Approves A Request For File Destruction?

The determination of File Destruction involves the RCMP and the local police that laid the original charge. If you were charged in Toronto, that would be the Toronto Police Service. Once a request for File Destruction is approved, the photographs, fingerprints and records of the charge are destroyed and cannot be accessed again.

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