File Destruction Services in Winnipeg

No matter what part of Canada you live in, like Vancouver, British Columbia, or right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, sooner or later, you’re bound to make a mistake. In most cases, mistakes are small and affect only you. Sometimes bigger mistakes can occur, and they may have larger scale consequences.

In the case of some mistakes, you may run afoul of the law, and even be charged or arrested by the police. That doesn’t mean, however, that you end up with a criminal conviction on your record. It does mean that you may now still have some evidence of that mistake that only a file destruction can clear.

Everything Is Preserved

A permanent record of sorts does exist, and this is public domain information that is legally accessible to any Canadian that knows your name and is willing to pay a fee to access that information.

For most people, this means little, as a background check will “come up empty.” But for some people, this background check will reveal criminal convictions. And, to the surprise of some, even if you ran afoul of the law, but didn’t get convicted due to charges being dismissed, withdrawn, peace bond, diversion, stayed, discharged or a verdict of not guilty, it will reflect this too. A criminal case that doesn’t result in a conviction simply means you have no conviction on your record. However, the fact that you were arrested, that your fingerprints have been taken and are in the police records, and even the charges underlying that arrest may all still be visible to someone who conducts a criminal background check.

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Final Clearance

Fortunately, even these “trace elements” of an arrest, such as the fingerprinting and other records can be removed from the system. A background check will then run as it would have previously, with nothing coming up. All this requires is a particular process that is known as a “File Destruction.” This requires actions on both the part of the RCMP and the police department that was involved in your case.

Fortunately, because there’s no criminal conviction involved, the procedure to have a file destruction implemented is easier than a record suspension or pardon. Because a file destruction doesn’t have to deal with the consequences of time served, or fines paid, it’s much less demanding in terms of paperwork and filing.

We’re Here To Help You Get Started

A file destruction is a comparatively easier process to get through than a record suspension, but that doesn’t necessarily make this process easy. You still need the cooperation of both the RCMP and the police department to mutually approve this application. You will also need a certain amount of official documentation, as well as a minimum period of waiting before the wheels are set in motion for this process.

This is where we can help. Pardons Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Canadians that have learned from their mistakes to move on, and get the second chance they deserve. If you want to eliminate the last, lingering details of an arrest from your record, we know how to do this quickly and properly. Call or email us with the specifics of your situation, and we can get started to put things right.