U.S. Entry Waiver Services in Vancouver

Having a criminal record in Vancouver greatly restricts one’s ability to travel to foreign destinations. Vancouver’s close proximity to the border makes travel to the U.S. a very appealing prospect for many residents. But it could lead to trouble for anyone with a criminal record attempting to cross the border without a U.S. Entry Waiver.

What Could Happen?

Certainly, there is a chance that someone with a criminal record could be granted entry into the United States without any difficulty whatsoever. If the customs officer decides to run a routine criminal background check, however, a person with a record risks being detained, fingerprinted, photographed and questioned only to be denied entry.

If that individual is subsequently caught once again trying to gain entry into the United States without an entry waiver they will probably receive even harsher treatment because it will be viewed as a premeditated attempt to circumvent U.S. federal law. As such U.S. authorities have the ability to seize property, detain the person for interrogation and void airline tickets without the possibility of reimbursement or a travel insurance claim. Furthermore, repeated attempts to enter the U.S. will diminish chances of receiving an entry waiver in the future.

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How Does A Vancouver U.S. Entry Waiver Work?

The application for a U.S. Entry Waiver must be submitted to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). The application, which is essentially the disclosure of your criminal record to the U.S. federal government must be accompanied by several supporting documents which may take several months to prepare or obtain. The review process by the INS takes approximately 5 to 12 months, so it is best to begin the application process well in advance of your anticipated travel dates.

The Application

The determination of whether on or not a U.S. Entry Waiver will be granted can be rather subjective. With years of experience helping applicants get an entry waiver approved, Pardons Canada can assist you in building your application package and provide suggestions on which documents should and should not be included to make your request more likely to be successful in your particular case.

If you have never been turned away at the border because of your criminal record in Vancouver, chances are the INS isn’t aware of it yet. If it is possible to obtain a Record Suspension before your travel to the U.S., you will probably not need a U.S. Entry Waiver, as any search done at the border will not reveal a criminal record.

If you would like more information about U.S. Entry Waivers or if you’re looking for assistance in applying for one call Pardons Canada toll-free at 1-877-929-6011 today.