Record Suspension Services in Vancouver

Your past criminal record can get in the way of doing the things you want to do. It can make travel to the U.S. and other international destinations difficult or impossible, prevent you from getting Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status, and keep you from getting a job or even an apartment.

The Criminal Records Act provides an opportunity to free a person who has satisfied the terms of their sentence and subsequently shown that they have rehabilitated themselves from the disadvantages of having a criminal record.

Eligibility Criteria.

Depending upon the charge, an individual will need to wait a period ranging from 5 to 10 years after the sentence imposed by the court has been satisfied. If the person has not been charged with another offence during that time, they may be eligible for a Record Suspension. Those with a sexual conviction against a minor or those who have had more than three indictable convictions each with jail time of two years or more are not eligible to receive a Record Suspension.

Avoid Discrimination, Job Loss, and US Entry Refusal… Let us get you a Clean Record.

Who Decides If a Vancouver Record Suspension Is Granted?

Requests for a Record Suspension are sent to the Parole Board of Canada for review. The review process takes approximately 6 – 12 months before a decision is reached. Preparing the application and acquiring the necessary supporting documentation can take 3 to 10 months. That process can be started ahead of the eligibility date.

Applications can be denied if an applicant is deemed to have not been forthcoming about their past involvement with law enforcement and the judicial system, or if the applicant does not meet the eligibility criteria. If a Record Suspension request is denied, the applicant can reapply after one year.

How We Can Help?

In addition to providing you with valuable information and answers to any questions, you may have, Pardons Canada can help you ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and provide assistance with the application process in Vancouver.

Pardons Canada is a resource for over 5,400 government and community agencies and is the trusted authority on Pardons and Record Suspensions in Canada. Since 1989, we have provided assistance to over 200,000 people with a criminal record.

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