File Destruction Services in Vancouver

We are often contacted by people who have found out the hard way that a record of a past criminal charge in Vancouver that did not result in a conviction was found when a criminal background check was performed on them.

Most people assume that the records relating to criminal charges that were dropped, dismissed or for which the accused was found not guilty would automatically get purged from the system and that they would not be dogged by the charge in the future. Unfortunately, that is not the case and getting rid of the record requires action from the individual.

Vancouver File Destructions Explained

When someone is charged with a criminal offence and they are fingerprinted, a file on them is created. Police records, photographs, court records and other details about the charge are added to the file over time. The file may remain indefinitely unless and until a request for a File Destruction is made and approved. Some people have even reported that the record of a criminal charge from decades ago for which they were never convicted have come back to haunt them.

Both the RCMP and the local police service that initially laid the charge are involved in the decision-making process of approving a request.

Once a request for File Destruction has been approved the file is purged from the system so that it will never appear on a criminal check and proof of the destruction is provided.

Avoid Discrimination, Job Loss, and US Entry Refusal… Let us get you a Clean Record.

The Possible Consequences of Not Having the Record of Your Criminal Charges Destroyed.

Evidence of a past criminal charge appearing on your criminal history report could harm your chances of being hired for a new job and make international travel difficult. The repercussions can be far-reaching and could be felt years down the road. They have the potential of limiting the opportunities that are made available to you.


A request for File Destruction in Vancouver can be submitted five months after the charges have been withdrawn, dismissed or acquitted. Individuals who have been convicted of the criminal offence or of any other offence are not eligible for File Destruction but may apply for a Record Suspension when they are eligible.

Pardons Canada Can Help

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