U.S. Entry Waiver Services St. John’s, Newfoundland

Living on the Canadian east coast means that St. John’s is within easy access to the United States. This is made much more feasible thanks to the proximity of an airport. In the past, Canadians entering America was almost a casual affair, with only a driver’s license being required to cross the border.

Today, it is more secure than that, thanks to changes in the nature of American travel and safety. But even then, Canadian’s don’t require a visa or any other special document to enter the United States. A regular passport will do unless you have a criminal conviction on your record. If that’s the case, you’ll need a U.S. entry waiver, especially if you have already been denied entry to the US.

It’s All On Record

The United States is one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourism, but especially for business and pleasure. Because of this popularity, the lines to get through immigration are long, whether this is at the airport, or at the border to the country itself. Regardless of which method of travel is used, one thing that remains the same is the presence of the American Customs & Border Patrol or CBP.

Normally, the CBP and other staff will try to process people as quickly as possible in order to keep the line moving. This means that most people traveling to the United States will not be subjected to a background check, as this can take time. However, the CBP has the legal authority to conduct a background check on anyone they like. The purpose of this background check is simple; if a criminal conviction that falls under the American definition of moral turpitude is found, that presents a safety threat.

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Permanent Consequences

If the CBP do stop you and conduct a background check, and a criminal conviction is found, you are now permanently barred from entering the U.S. There’s still a chance that the next time you try to enter, a background check won’t be run, but if it is, consequences for defying the ban will be severe and you could get banned for life from the US.

Even if you’ve got a record suspension after getting barred, this does not revalidate you for entry into America. When the CBP gets its information about your record from the Canadian Police Information Centre, they permanently store that information on their own database and no longer consult the CPIC. This means that even if the CPIC now says your record is clean, thanks to a record suspension, the CBP database says you are banned from entry. A record suspension only works if the CBP has never run a background check on you before.

A U.S. Entry Waiver Is The Solution

For some that may not need to enter America for some time, waiting for a record suspension may be a viable solution. But for people who can’t wait that long, and don’t want to gamble on a background check, there’s only one real solution; a U.S. entry waiver also known as I-192 or I-194. This is the document that needs to be presented to the CBP immediately and will grant entry into the country.

A U.S. entry waiver will allow the CBP to let you enter the United States even with the presence of a criminal conviction on their database. However, securing a U.S. entry waiver is far from being a quick, easy process. This requires communication and cooperation between two law enforcement groups in two different countries, in addition to your own efforts. Pardons Canada can help with this process, and ensure that when you apply for your U.S. entry waiver it gets approved.