Visitor: I would like to talk to someone who could help me. In 2004, my ex-husband accused me of threatening our first biological child together, (Harley), with a butcher knife to his throat and he also said that I had abused him. I was charged and all charges were dropped except for the butter knife.

I was 125 lbs and he was 270 lbs, he is a truck driver. Long story short, I didn’t know what to do and it is still on my record as a weapons ban and it says I am violent, which I am not.

My husband and I had an argument because he asked me if I wanted a divorce, and I told him that I wasn’t sure and he told me if he couldn’t have me, I couldn’t have Harley and the next thing I know, I am being woke up by police and taken out of my house in front of my children and I didn’t even know why.   Too late to do anything about it now, except clear my name.

My life purpose and soul mission is to be able to help others and with a record, I won’t be able to help them and share the knowledge and skills I have been learning and working so hard for. I have been learning mindfulness techniques as well as personal development tools, and alternative healing practices such as Reiki energy healing, and Qigong practices. Can anyone help me?

Pardons Canada: In many criminal cases a weapons ban is attached to the case and will also show up on the CPIC or RCMP background check. You will need to get a pardon first and foremost. Once the pardon is granted then you can apply directly with the police to remove the weapons ban and it is arbitrary whether or not they approve it.

Pardons Canada undertakes all necessary steps and procedures for removing your criminal record, including: Pardons/Record Suspensions, Purges, Photograph & Fingerprint Destruction, and U.S. Entry Waivers. Get Canada Record Suspension Today