Visitor:  I went on a day trip to Ottawa with my boyfriend and some of his friends. During our trip one of his friends, Sean mentioned that there were a few items he wanted to pick up at IKEA. I immediately volunteered to go in with him and made a few purchases of my own. Once we were at the cash, I paid for my purchases first and then waited for him to go next. He handed them a cheque and we left. As we were walking out into the parking lot, we were stopped by police officers. They took us to the station separately and on the way there informed me that my friend paid for his items with a stolen check. I was not shocked since he did not have the best reputation but I was shocked when they informed me that because I was with him that I would be charged also. I was charged with attempt to commit fraud under $5000 and given a suspended sentence with probation. I did go to see a probation officer once. During our meeting he informed me that he was closing my file since he judged that I would not be a risk to the public in the future.  

Pardons Canada:  Since you were convicted of fraud under $5000 then the criminal record is still there and will be there forever until a pardon or record suspension is granted.

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