At Pardons Canada, our aim is to provide solutions to Canadians who are facing challenges as a result of having a criminal offence in their past. Challenges vary, but may include:

We provide information, advice and a solution for all record suspensions (formally pardon service) obstacles Canadians may face. We address every important step and procedure for suspending your criminal record by offering Canadian pardon services that range from record suspension to US Entry Waivers.

For those who have made positive changes in their lives, but continue to pay for their past transgressions, a record suspension is a life altering thing. These individuals can once again travel abroad without complications, and lead the life they are choosing to live without restraint or restriction. Our team will work on your file for you to once again be free to travel after we complete our record suspension process, (formally pardon services). Canada has a long standing history of forgiveness and compassion, we truly believe past history shouldn’t hinder quality of life moving forward after your debts were paid and now are a law abiding citizen.

We work diligently with over 5400 government and community agencies to provide the most legitimate pardon services Canada has to offer. Our counsellors are pardon services (Canada) experts whose sole focus is to walk you through the process of getting your affairs in order once again. They are always happy to provide both general information as well as answers that pertain to your situation specifically.  If you have any questions about which pardon services (Canada only) may apply to you directly, please give us a call at (877) 929-6011. All calls regarding our pardon services (Canada) will remain completely anonymous unless you wish to proceed further.

Additionally, we are able to offer employment and immigration support letters and referrals to other organizations that include:

  • Women’s Centres
  • Ethnic Associations
  • Addiction Rehabilitation Clinics

Because of the complexity and difficulty associated with record suspensions applications, we highly recommend hiring an experienced Canadian pardon services consultant to guide you through the process of record suspensions.

Federal government statistics indicate that 30-40% of record suspensions prepared by individuals are denied due to being incomplete and incorrect. Our pardon service and Canadian record suspension programs act as an educational resource for several government offices including Corrections Canada, Legal Clinics, and probation offices. Over 1450 police stations and courts are aware of our record suspensions and pardon services Canada wide, and these close ties to government agencies and institutions help streamline the process and ensure that all pertinent details are covered.

Your Canadian Pardon Services Team

We are a national non-profit resource that has helped thousands of Canadians in similar cases like yours. You can trust that our Canada pardon service team will respect your confidentiality, we promise to do everything in our power to work with all parties involved for fast turnarounds and to be openly transparent in our communication throughout the entire process.

If you have been convicted of an offense that has compromised your ability to freely travel or receive gainful employment, we are confident that Pardons Canada can make a difference in your life. Call today and speak to one of our trained experts or visit our website for a live chat consultation anytime. We look forward to helping you turn over a new leaf with our Canada pardon service and to begin the next chapter of your life free of stigma and unnecessary obstacles.  Contact our pardon services Canada team today toll-free at (877) 929-6011 or chat with one of our Canadian pardon services online anytime.

Pardons Canada undertakes all necessary steps and procedures for removing your criminal record, including: Pardons/Record Suspensions, Purges, Photograph & Fingerprint Destruction, and U.S. Entry Waivers. Get Canada Record Suspension Today