Record Suspension Services in Ottawa

Living with a criminal record can be difficult. Thankfully, the Criminal Records Act allows for relief for individuals who have shown to have rehabilitated themselves and are now law-abiding citizens.

How a Criminal Record Can Impact Someone

A criminal record can disadvantage and inconvenience a person in many ways. Here’s a quick look at just a few of them.

Employment opportunities: companies hiring new staff frequently request a criminal background check on potential candidates. It has also become a common practice to do the same for internal employees seeking a promotion.

Finding a place to live: landlords often won’t rent apartments or homes to people with a criminal record. Acquiring a mortgage can also be more difficult for someone with a record.

Travel and immigration: entry into foreign countries including the U.S. can be denied to people with a criminal record. It can also impede somebody’s chances of acquiring their Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.

Future accusations: people with criminal records are more likely to be suspected of wrongdoing, and it can have their credibility and trustworthiness questioned.

Discrimination of this kind directed at someone with a criminal record is entirely legal and acceptable in our society. However, the same type of discrimination directed at someone without a criminal record or who has had his or her record suspended represents a violation of human rights legislation.

Avoid Discrimination, Job Loss, and US Entry Refusal… Let us get you a Clean Record.

What Is an Ottawa Record Suspension?

Record Suspensions were known as pardons until recently. When someone’s criminal record is suspended, it is removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre so that it will no longer appear when a criminal background search is done. The record is kept separately and can only be reopened if the individual is subsequently charged with another criminal offence.

Who Is Eligible For A Record Suspension?

People who have been of good behaviour for a predetermined waiting period following the successful completion of their sentence without being charged with another criminal offence are eligible to apply for a Record Suspension in Ottawa. Anyone who has received a sexual conviction against a minor is not eligible for a Record Suspension and neither is an individual who has been sentenced four or more times with accompanying jail terms of two or more years each.

If you’re looking to get a Record Suspension in Ottawa, call Pardons Canada toll-free at 1-877-929-6011. Our friendly and experienced counsellors are available to answer your questions and provide assistance Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM.