File Destruction Services in Ottawa

Have you ever been charged with a criminal offence in Ottawa that was subsequently withdrawn or dismissed? Or were you found not guilty of the charge? You may be surprised to learn that the record of the charge can still be found if someone performs a criminal background check on you.

Most people just assume that the records for a charge that does not end with a conviction are automatically discarded. In reality, the files can be kept indefinitely unless the individual takes specific action to have them purged from the system.

Who Can Benefit From an Ottawa File Destruction?

Anyone who has been charged with a criminal offence for which they were not convicted can apply to have their file destroyed after five months. If you were convicted of that, or any other offence, you are not eligible for a File Destruction. The request is reviewed by the RCMP and the police service that initially laid the charge for consideration and possible approval. Once the request has been approved, the record of the charge, as well as the accompanying fingerprints, photographs and police and court records, are destroyed and proof of its disposal is provided.

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What Are The Risks?

People who have not addressed the record of their criminal charge have frequently expressed their surprise and dismay when they find out that it has shown up in a criminal background check decades later. The record of the charge can prevent them from travelling to the US or abroad, it could stand in their way of being hired for a new job, or it could stop them from being able to rent an apartment or a home.

How Can You Tell If A Record For Your Criminal Charge Exists?

When you were charged for the criminal offence, if you were fingerprinted, then a fingerprint number was assigned to your name and date of birth. The details of the charge are then linked to that fingerprint number and will appear on any future criminal background check that is run on you.

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