Record Suspension Services in Montreal

Montreal can be a generous and gracious city, full of chances for career and personal growth. But it can also be a town with a lot of closed doors, even for people willing to work hard and put in the time. A criminal conviction on your permanent record can be one of the biggest obstacles to living your life the way you deserve, but this can be taken care of with a record suspension

What Does A Record Suspension Do?

Once you have been arrested, charged and convicted of a crime, that criminal conviction appears on your permanent record. The information is then stored on the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. It is 100% legal for anyone to conduct a background check on another individual to check for the presence of a criminal record in the CPIC. All they have to do is have basic information, such as a person’s name, and be willing to pay the fee for a background check. That’s all there is to it.

A record suspension, however, formerly known as a pardon, can purge the presence of this criminal conviction from the CPIC database. That means that any standard background check will come up “clear” and show no convictions or evidence of wrongdoing. There are a lot of good reasons that you’ll want to do this.

Avoid Discrimination, Job Loss, and US Entry Refusal… Let us get you a Clean Record.

Limited Career Options

Depending on the type of job position you’re after, some employers will conduct a background check of potential candidates. Of course, the single biggest determining factor for a job will be whether the applicant has the qualifications. However, when all other things are equal between qualified candidates, additional considerations—like the presence of a criminal record—can push the decision against you.

While it is illegal for employers not to hire an applicant based on race, religion or other personal characteristics, it is not illegal to reject an applicant on the basis of having a criminal record. In some occupations, such as working in the vulnerable sector with women or children, it is actually illegal to hire to someone with certain criminal convictions.

Travel Restrictions

If you enjoy traveling to the United States or even need to go there for work/business purposes, the presence of a criminal record is a huge stumbling block. The Customs & Border Patrol, or CBP, can conduct background checks on anyone they like.

If a criminal record is found, they can deny entry to that person. There are increasingly more severe punishments for repeated attempts to enter America illegally once you have been barred from entry.

Home & Family

Even your living and family choices are impacted by the presence of a criminal record. People who are still renting an apartment or home may be subject to background checks, just like job applicants. Landlords can refuse to let criminal record holders live on their property.

If you have any desire to adopt a child at some point in the future, a criminal record is a roadblock. Once again, a background check is required for adoption, and that conviction on record can lead to a refusal to grant adoption rights.

We Can Help

If you’d like a clean slate when it comes to background checks, we know what to do. Contact us today and present your specific details. We can work together with you to make sure your record suspension application is a quick, efficient success.