Special advance permission is needed to enter the U.S. depending on your immigration and citizenship status, and if you have a criminal record.

Pardons Canada can undertake all necessary steps and procedures to help you obtain a U.S. Entry Waiver.



  • Phone & Email Support
  • Disbursement Fees
  • Monthly Payment Plan
  • Court Fees (up to 2 convictions)
SELECT THIS PLAN(minimum $250 to start)



  • Personal Support Letter
  • A Higher Level of Support
  • File Review by a Lawyer (when necessary)
  • Special Care for Unique Circumstances
  • Frequent Follow Up
  • Disbursement Fees
  • Monthly Payment Plan
  • Court Fees (for all convictions)
SELECT THIS PLAN(minimum $250 to start)

Premium Files: These files receive a higher level of service and include –

  • A more Personalized Level of Support: If issues arise, phone support and/or contact with department specialist; assistance with documentation; contact with contributing agencies if necessary such as U.S. ARO, courts and police agencies;
  • File review by a lawyer (when necessary);
  • Frequent follow up with client and government offices;
  • Special care when unique circumstances arise.

Fee Includes: All disbursements [except HST, print certification and U.S. Waiver Fee (U$585)].

Disbursements include: photocopies, postage, courier charges, faxes, court charges, police fees, etc. Assistance with personal letters, correspondence with all government bodies, file status maintenance and meetings with counsellors is all included.

Please note that Pardons Canada has no control over courts, police services and the American government.

A minimum of $250 is needed to start your file. It is better, however, to pay the entire cost at once. This will avoid delays in processing your file because we will not have to wait for your next payment.